About Stephanie:

I have always had a love for photography although it took my husband to finally convince me to follow my passion.  I studied Kinesiology in school but ended up going into the events business instead.  I just loved the planning and the details surrounding events and weddings but the long hours make it difficult to have time for family.  I have suffered through fertility problems, a miscarriage, the loss of a child and finally the the blessing of three amazing little miracles.  I value the memories I make with my children and want to capture every moment as life is fleeting and we should live for the good times.  It was after having my youngest child that I decided it was time to take my passion towards a direction in which I could spend more time with my family but help my husband carry the burden of family life.  I absolutely love what I do and would love to capture all those precious moments in everyones lives. Life is hard. We need to embrace the moments that bring us the most joy and put them up on display so we can look upon it and remember what life is all about.